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It is becoming a tradition for Logitech to launch a new keyboard case every time Apple releases a new iPad. Although it is a little late, the company has finally revealed the Slim Folio Pro keyboard case that is specifically designed for the third-generation iPad Pro.

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The Slim Folio Pro safely holds iPad Pro in a lightweight case that keeps corners secured and doesn’t burden you. The external texture is smooth and delicate to the touch.

Plus there is a keyboard behind the user’s fingers. The keyboard is also quite special; besides full and tactile, each button is also equipped with LED backlight with adjustable brightness.

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But what makes it very special for the third-generation iPad Pro is how the users can still attach Apple Pencil on the side of the iPad Pro even in the case of the installed case. When the device is not in use, the Apple Pencil (or another stylus) can also be tucked into a magnetic hook that is used to close the case tightly.

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Another interesting point is that Logitech claims that the keyboard can be used immediately once the case is opened and the iPad is positioned in typing mode. Bluetooth pairing only needs to be done once at the beginning, and then the device will be directly connected automatically.

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The Logitech Slim Folio Pro got an amazingly dependable battery that can go 3 months on a solitary charge. Simply utilize the USB-C cable included with your iPad Pro and charge by means of a power block or by connecting it straightforwardly to the iPad Pro.

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Since the third generation iPad Pro comes in two sizes namely 11 and 12.9 inches, the Logitech Slim Folio Pro also got the same variant. This accessory is now marketed for $119.99 for the 11 inches version and $ 129.99 for the 12,9 inches rendition.


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