Logi Dock: The ‘Work From Home’ Superhero

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To support the “Work from Home” trend, Logitech recently launched the Logi Dock. The company claims that the accessory is the first multifunction dock equipped with a speaker and microphone.


Logi Dock comes with a very compact design. So, it will not take up much space on your desk. Like docking in general, Logi Dock also carries a series of connectivity ports.

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Its main connectivity relies on a USB-C port that supports 100-watt Power Delivery to connect to a PC. The charge is sufficient enough to recharge a laptop battery.

The Logi Dock also provides HDMI 1.4b and DisplayPort 1.4 ports. So, it can be used to connect up to two 4K monitors. It is suitable for users who work with multiple monitors.

Other connectivity ports it carries include one USB 3.1 Type-A port with 7.5W output for battery charging, one USB 3.1 Type-A port with 4.5W output, one USB 3.1 Type-C port with 7.5W output, and two USB 3.1 ports. Type-C with 4.5W output.

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As a speaker, Logi Dock relies on a pair of 55 mm drivers and a pair of passive radiators. Besides being able to replace PC or laptop speakers, the Logi Dock can also act as a Bluetooth speaker.

Relevant to the needs of virtual meetings during the pandemic, Logitech did not forget to embed six noise-canceling microphones into the Logi Dock. The top surface even features a capacitive button to mute/unmute the microphone, as well as to turn on or turn off the video display from the webcam.

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Price and Availability

Logitech is planning to release the product as soon as possible. Logi Dock will be marketed starting this winter (December) at a price of $ 399. Apart from the color gray, the All-in-One docking station will also be available in white.

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