Hiuni: A Smart, Connected Go To Telescope

Hiuni Smart Telescope 6

Hiuni is a simple to-utilize modernized telescope for all that is intended for shared live view stargazing encounters and fun to adapt for the new stargazer.

Hiuni Smart Telescope 8

Hiuni presents another path for newcomers, beginner cosmologists, and space fans to stargaze by coordinating brilliant highlights and instructive substance to a conventional telescope.


Easy to Install

Hiuni Smart Telescope 4

Setting up a customary telescope can be very troublesome for newcomers, requiring numerous means and skill to take care of business. Not with Hiuni. With a touch on your tablet, you’ll be seeing a live perspective of planets, stars, cosmic systems and with captivating subtle elements and going with instructive substance.


Advanced Technology in Style

Hiuni Smart Telescope 5

The technology behind this motorized telescope allows it to find and keep an object in view, take into account the current position of the telescope and the location of the selected object. Plus you can choose between two colors that will suit you the most.


All Round Tech in Simple Object

Hiuni Smart Telescope 3

With its inherent sensor-cluster (GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyrator) Hiuni rapidly distinguishes its area and orientation, after which it adjusts its perspective in fine detail with the ‘Celestial Vision Alignment’ framework.Hiuni Smart Telescope 7

Upon Hiuni’s mechanized adjustment, you can without much of a stretch select an object from the intelligent Sky Map and have Hiuni find the question and show it continuously through the Space View.

Hiuni utilizes a propelled 1/2 inch, 1280×1024 CMOS with huge pixel sizes, high quantum proficiency, and low read clamor which is improved for dim sky imaging. Hiuni’s Deep Light Imaging calculation changes and alter live pictures into clear, sharp perspectives of the universe, notwithstanding uncovering the faintest of stars and best subtle elements on divine items.

Track and Through

Hiuni Smart Telescope 2

Once you’ve chosen a moon, planet, star, group, cloud or universe, Hiuni’s engines will initially adjust its optical tube onto the object and afterward consequently change itself as needs be to make up for the world’s pivot. The telescope will ceaselessly track the direction during that time sky.

Hiuni Smart Telescope 1

Hiuni allows you to connect your telescope and tablet to either its local ad-hoc wireless network while in the field or to an established WIFI at home to control movement and receive live stream views. Each Hiuni comes with its own storage case for easy transportation.


The True Smart Telescope

Hiuni Smart Telescope 6

Hiuni goes past the customary eyepiece with an intelligent shared view to advance discourse, learning and shared cooperation. You can own this amazing product if you go ahead and be the early bird supporter forĀ $489 here.

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