Goat Mug: A Unique Horn-Shaped Coffee Mug with Straps

Goat Mug 7

Are you a coffee lover? You should have this unique mug called Goat Mug. Goat Mug is designed by Goat Story with unique design and concept. You will also get both long and short straps to bring the mug easily. Goat Mug is available in some different designs, so you can have more options to choose a coffee mug to improve your style to drink a coffee.


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The first design of Goat Mug comes in lovely doodle pattern called Mr. Doodle x Goat Mug. It is a special edition that fit your home interior, walls, and furniture. As you know that Mr. Doodle is a great English artist with the best fun arts.

Goat Mug 10

The second design of Goat Mug is Goat Mug Brown. It is a perfect design for you who love about classic design with the cool brown color. The unique horn-shaped of it makes the brown design looks awesome to be seen.

Goat Mug 9

Goat Mug Black is available for you who love about simple color design, even for your coffee mug. The holder and the straps also come in black color too. It surely will make your style of drinking a coffee looks cool.

Goat Mug 8

The next design if Goat Mug Hemp. The color design of this mug is kind of soft. It will be the best coffee mug for you who love to have a soft design in a coffee mug but still look simple.

Goat Mug 7

The last design of Goat Mug is Goat Mug Marsala. The color of the leather and the straps will not only give you a cool design but also a unique look that you can’t find in other mugs.



Goat Mug 6

Goat Mug is not only available in five different designs but also two different sizes. You can choose whether you need the original size or the grande size. With these size options, you will have a coffee mug that fits you better.



Goat Mug 11

The horn-shaped of Goat Mug makes it easy to carry. You can use the straps then wear it across your shoulders or attach it to your bag. The design is 100% leak proof without any spills. You can just remove the leather first when you want to clean it.

Goat Mug 13

Goat Mug is not only easy to clean but also easy to open. You can use one hand only to close and open it. Your coffee will be warm for a long enough if you use it. The BPA FREE material makes it safe to be used in drinking a hot coffee.



Goat Mug 5

You will get a holder and 2 straps once you have Goat Mug in your hand. The straps come in two sizes, a short and a long strap. With those straps, you can easily bring the mug wherever you are without worrying about leaking or falling.

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