HYDAWAY: The Collapsible, Ultra-Stashable, Planet-Friendly Water Bottle

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One of the things that can be done to protect the environment and stay healthy is to bring a drinking bottle wherever we go. This is done so that we are not used to buying the packaged water bottle and causing plastic waste which is getting worse day by day.

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But one thing that does not make it comfortable when carrying a drink bottle by yourself is because it is troublesome if it needs to be carried by hand and will take a lot of space while you placed it in the bags. Especially if the drinking bottle is empty.

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To overcome the inconvenience, a company called Hydaway creates a drinking bottle that allows the owner to be able to carry it anywhere without feeling bothered, let alone take up space in the bag. The bottles that can hold up to 21 ounces can shrink when folded into a hockey puck.

When the lid is opened, this drinking bottle can be a drinking glass that can be used directly. But if you choose to install the lid, you can drink the water through a straw.


Hydaway 2.0

Hydaway 4

The startup was quite successful with the first product they release three years ago, and now with lots of new innovations, Hydaway comes with the mission to be more vocal about the environmental issues. The company comes prepared this time with more sizes, taste filters, and a more modern design.

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The new layout is anything but difficult to clean, non-harmful, sealed and ultraportable crumbling down to a thin 40mm profile when empty. Intended to fit in most vehicle cupholders when extended the hydaway is accessible in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit your needs.

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The product-maker has claimed that their product has kept 1100 metric tons of plastic bottle from advancing toward landfills and unrecyclable trash. So if you care about mother nature, maybe it’s the time you should jump on the no2plastic campaign.

The Green-est Choice

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This drinking bottle is perfect for sports lovers such as mountain climber or cyclists who sometimes have trouble carrying a drinking bottle. Besides being practical, this drinking bottle is certainly a very friendly choice to the environment. Now, you can buy HYDAWAY online through their official website or by backing them via their Indiegogo page.

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