BioLite Headlamp: The Powerful and Rechargable Headlamp

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For those of you who love hiking or mountain climbing, the existence of a flashlight is crucial. Some people also use a headlamp to help increase their vision at night. Unfortunately, most headlamps come with large designs and fairly heavy in weights. Moreover, there are many supporting straps attached to the head which makes them redundant.

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This is the reason why then BioLite creates a supermini headlamp which of course, super light in weight. For those who are not familiar, BioLite is a company that produces a lot of camping equipment. Although quite small in size, BioLite claims that this headlamp will be more powerful than the headlamp that ever existed. How can it be?

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By Inducing exclusive 3D SlimFit Construction, the HeadLamp fuses three core measurements of a superior arrangement: a flush front, better balance, and smart fabrics. By incorporating the hardware and textures together through a custom, compositely formed body, the position of the headlamp sits flush on the temple of the user without slippage.

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BioLite provides a 900 mAh battery that can be recharged via a micro USB cable. The product maker claimed that their headlamp is able to survive for 3.5 hours in maximum light. If set to minimum light, the BioLite headlamp can last up to 40 hours!

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This headlamp will come with 330 LED lights on the front. There are 4 modes that can be used, namely flashing with focus light, flashing with diffuse light, red flood, and strobe mode. The panel on the side can be directed toward any object thanks to the hinges that attach to the LED line.

Biolite Headlamp 3

Available via Kickstarter, BioLite is planning to sell the headlamp for $ 49. That’s just the initial price listed on Kickstarter which are the special price for the backers. Usually, the retail prices will be much higher when the product is released to the market.

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