The All-New Turbo Levo: The Best Got Even Better

The All New Turbo Levo 1

Mountain biking has boomed in recent years, and as a result, manufacturers have developed a number of special design improvements to overcome this broad and nuanced market. Levo has stood there at the top with their product, but now, the Swiss-based company is trying to upstage the already dubbed the best bike. Is it possible?

The All New Turbo Levo 1

The all-new Turbo Levo like its name got every upgrade it needed to keep the throne. New chassis. New motor. New battery. Next-level software—the new Turbo Levo reflects a complete design overhaul that doesn’t just set the bar for e-MTB, it embodies it.


Keeping The Throne

The All New Turbo Levo 2

The new advancement also got lighter, slimmer, stiffer, and incredibly capable package. It even got additional range by a staggering 40% and equipped it with the smoothest, quietest, and most powerful motor in its class.

The All New Turbo Levo 3

A valid example is its new Sidearm casing design that gives it a remarkable solidness to-weight proportion. The bikemaker additionally including a bum geometry, so the Turbo Levo is presently lower-threw for unbelievably skilled dealing with on extreme plunges and considerably giving it simpler mobility in all terrain.

All New Engine

The All New Turbo Levo 4

The Turbo Levo’s ultralight, magnesium-bodied Specialized 2.1 engine push up the bicycle contribution by up to 410% with definitely no ungainly floods in control. The Switzerland-based company dedicated a long time to make this a reality by making custom programming that drives the most bleeding edge engine in its class.


The Best Got Even Better

The All New Turbo Levo 5

The Turbo Levo can roam more out of each full charge, so you’ll never need to stress over getting captured on the trail without getting enough squeeze to get you home.

The Smart Control include, accessible with the Mission Control App, gives you a chance to set the Turbo Levo’s capacity help to keep going for either the span of your ride or until the point when you can pedal it yourself.

The All New Turbo Levo 6

With everything taken into account, the new Turbo Levo is a lighter, stiffer and all the more great bundle. It’s been well thoroughly considered and altogether updated from the already top MTB on the market.

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