Gurkha RPV from Terradyne: The Toughest Armored Rapid Patrol Vehicle

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 1

The fierce-faced pickup truck by the Canadian-based Terradyne automotive company is taking the highlight when Dwayne The Rock Johnson use this car to try and catch Vin Diesel and his crew. An unusual model with the firm muscles makes the car dubbed as the Gurkha RPV look more like a war car.

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 2

Gurkha is a perfect killer car marked with a high front end with a solid metal bumper, a small window, a black bead wheel tucked under the fender to strengthen the image. The six-speed automatic transmission sends power to the four wheels, marking the elite capabilities to craze any terrain.

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 5

The Gurkha got everything they wanted to crash, climb steeply and race like crazy. The “heart” is powered by a 6.7-liter Ford V8 turbo-diesel engine that spews 330 horsepower at 2,800 rpm and 750 lb-ft. torque.

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 6

When the territory where it is extreme for the driver to see the back side, there is a reinforcement camera to help them. Once at speed, the four-wheel automated stopping devices experience no difficulty taking the substantial monster back to a halt.

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 3

Moving inside and closing the weighty, extra-wide door is akin to shutting a bank vault. The spacious cabin sports tons of diamond plating and a familiar dashboard and seats, which are both from Ford.

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 4

While the windows don’t go down, this RPV is equipped with A/C. All told, the RPV’s curb weight tips the scale at 16,000 pounds. The car that has made appearances in movies like the “Fast and Furious” franchise and “Suicide Squad,” as well as the video game “Forza” is capable to seat 5 adults inside.

Gurkha Rpv From Terradyne 1

The vehicle is big and intimidating and there is no pretense at de-hulking the Terradyne Gurkha RPV. And with a tab approaching $300K, this car is the ultimate luxury meet safety car out there.

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