Gurkha CIV from Terradyne: The Mightiest SUV on The Market

Gurkha Civ From Terradyne 6

An armored vehicle specialist from Canada, Terradyne, launched a civilian version of their infamous Gurkha RPV armored pickup. The company claim is that their car dubbed Gurkha CIV is the safest pickup that can be used by civilians.

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The pickup was previously designed for use only by the security forces with the specs that are limited to only the forces and police. The bullet-proof car is intended for troops stationed in strategic locations in various parts of the world.

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As a combat troop vehicle, the pickup has the dimension of more than 6 meters in length and nearly three meters in height. The Gurkha CIV uses steel as the buildup material while also using a chassis and pickup engine developed for Ford F-550.

The engine is a turbocharged 6,700 cc diesel engine or a 6,800 cc V10 gasoline engine. The deck uses materials from steel, and in the interior of the wood accents beautify the look.

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The Canadian company makes sure that the customer who owned the CIV will get all the safety features but can still enjoy the luxury of an SUV. The customer basically can ask almost anything to be added to their car.

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Safety features from Terradyne are deeply planted on the pickup. Included in the row of features are the front and rear bumpers that are designed with a maximum safety level.

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Terradyne’s boss, Durward Smith, said that although it will officially be launched next fall, the costumer from the North American region can get the head start. The manufacturer put on the price of US $ 300,000 for The Mightiest SUV ever.

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