Toyota Tj CRUISER: The Birth of a New Van and SUV Fusion

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The Toyota TJ Cruiser concept car which was launched at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is planned to be produced by Toyota in early 2020. The plan was that Toyota TJ Cruiser will be getting its first public release in October at the Tokyo Motor Show before it goes on sale worldwide in December.

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TJ Cruiser is a crossing vehicle between a big SUV and a van. The body shape looky boxy, like a combat vehicle. Inside, all chairs can be folded flat. TJ Cruiser itself is included in the compact crossover segment which combines the practicality of MPV with the sturdy appearance of an SUV.

TJ Cruiser actually has a long name. T means Toolbox that refers to a car utility. Whereas J means Joy alias excitement. Then Cruiser refers to the excitement when visiting various places with the car. As the name suggests, the TJ Cruiser is prepared as the successor to the FJ Cruiser, a 4Runner-style retro-based SUV.

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Although the size is quite similar to the Toyota C-HR, the TJ Cruiser has very different proportions because of its square shape. Later, on the production plans, Toyota will create a spacious cabin with a configuration of five or seven seats.

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Allegedly, the unit has a variety of hybrid drive and engine configurations. Although, conventional gasoline engine versions will be offered as well. The production version is rumored to remain compact, with a length of only 4,300 mm and 2,750 mm wheelbase

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Prepared as a new genre that can transcend into the market, Toyota took frantic approach as the shape of the hood, roof and fenders are made different from ordinary car models. The Japanese company even using materials with a special coating that is resistant to scratches and dirt.

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From the interior, the TJ Cruiser comes with a flat-folding seat and a length of about 3 meters when the front passenger seat is folded flat. From the exterior view, the front of the TJ Cruiser looks to have a wide grille and round headlamps located on the edges.

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The TJ Cruiser is expected to use the already known TNGA powertrain, including the 1.8-liter hybrid variant of the Prius and a new 2.0-liter engine from RAV4. The 2.5-liter hybrid engine from RAV4 might also be included in the consideration.

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In addition, Toyota will also offer front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations for gasoline and hybrid engines. Unlike the previous concept, which only has one rear sliding door on the driver’s side, the production model is expected to feature two rear sliding doors to facilitate passengers.

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Because it is a special unit, the target audience is wider. In addition to automotive enthusiasts, the Toyota TJ Cruiser can be a symbol of success for young executives who have an adventurous spirit.

It is interesting to see how the market react when the car have been officially released to the global market. TJ Cruiser will be produced limited, Toyota planned to release around 1,500 units each month for the global market.

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