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Controlling all your smart home devices in one simple control is no longer a dream as the Brilliant Home Control is equipped with a display, sound, touch, motion, camera, and applications to help ease the control. You can use the control panel on the wall or the application on your smartphone.

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As an intelligent all-around controller, Brilliant Home Control has several direct uses. The first function is to adjust the lighting, not only to turn on or turn off but also altering the light, such as LIFX, Philips Hue, Lutron, and others. You can also adjust the temperature inside the house using a Honeywell and Ecobee thermostat.

For those of you who like to party, karaoke or listen to music in the middle of your activities at home, then this product will open the path for you. You can explore your favorite music and playlists by controlling your Sonos system simply and easily.

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The Brilliant Home Control can also be your trusted security system. You can see who is coming to visit by ringing the bell or someone knocking on the door. Thus, you can open the door if you think the person coming is someone you know or vice versa.

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Controlling all the smart devices at home in one hand is definitely a lot easier since the Brilliant Home Control can interact with all the device from those controlling the display, sound, movement, touch, and the internal camera.

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This remote can be used by anyone, whether children, couples, families or even guests. An extraordinary experience in controlling all devices at home you will find with the use of Brilliant. So, there is no reason to not have a touch screen on the wall that makes it easy for you to control.

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Although the Brilliant Home Control is embedded with a microphone and camera, the company is also focusing on privacy are as the shutter will allow you to control your privacy whenever you want.

Plus, you will never see another smart home panel installation as easy as removing light switch and plugging the product in.

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Brilliant is also useful for intercom from one room to another so that it can be a good control, even if you are in the room. You can just put audio and video calls in the two rooms, then you can give announcements to people in the other room.

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The Brilliant home control has four models to choose which also will differ the price of the product. The 1 Switch Control is the cheapest at $318, while the 2 Switch and 3 Switch is marketed at $372 and $425 respectively. The $478-model which has 4 Switch Control can control up to four light and is the most expensive one.


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