Nightingale: Smart Home Sleep System for Fall Asleep Faster

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If you need to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, one thing that you need is Nightingale. This product is a smart home sleep system that can help you to have a good sleep. The patented sleep technology will mask the disruptive outdoor and indoor noises to prevent you awake when you sleep. You will have a better sleep every night with Nightingale.

Acoustical Engineers

Nightingale 1

Nightingale is designed by acoustical engineers with patented sound blankets engineered. This kind of technology will mask the noises around you so you can sleep well. The sound blankets are just like an airflow-like noise which is effective and also comfortable than the white noise.



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Nightingale has two speakers. These speakers are used to create uniform sound masking coverage. It will increase the acoustical comfort and the effectiveness to help you stay asleep and fast asleep. You don’t need to worry again about the disturbing noises around you.


Advanced Sleep Technology

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Nightingale has four main advanced sleep technology for you. The first is the mask noises to mas the indoor and the outdoor noises. The second technology is you can connect it with your popular smart home devices. The third is its customizable design from the sound blankets.

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You can custom it to have your own room acoustic and also personal sleep conditions. The last is the soothing sounds. You can choose the soothing nature sounds to get your won relaxation taste because everyone has their own different taste of relaxation when they sleep.


LED Light

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The multi-color LED light of Nightingale will give you an easy use when you love to sleep in dark. The LED light is not only a light. It is also a beautiful light that can make your room looks beautiful because the light comes in such as a cool color.


Sound Masked

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Nightingale will mask three types of noises, Bedroom Noises, Inside Noises, and also Outside Noises. This smart product will mask the noises like snoring, ticking watch, whispers, TV, video games, crying games, rustling leaves, birds chirping, and more. Nightingale will not mask some of the noises like your home security alarms, alarm clocks, and smoke detectors.

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