S-Cradle: Smart Home Security with Motion Sensor

S Cradle 3

This product design will be your smart home security ever. S-Cradle is designed with motion sensor technology and controlled from your own phone. The design of this home security is made to send you alerts with audio and HD video to your phone. With the luxurious design, S-Cradle is not only smart but also stylish product design for your home.


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The target of this product design is men aged 30. The reason is based on the result of the research. The result shows that men aged the 30s have storage unused smartphone for more than 80%. With S-Cradle, they can use it smartly for home security from their own phones.



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After a study mock-up with cutting and sanding, S-Cradle finally comes in a perfect dimension. This product design is not too big or too small. It fits perfectly in your hand. With the gold foam, the scale is measured carefully.



S Cradle 7

S Cradle 3

S-Cradle is built in a luxurious sophisticated design. This product design is not only awesome with its motion sensor but also its look. With the stylish form and design, S-Cradle can be your home decoration too in a simple way.



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S-Cradle has an auto control for the air condition, door lock, and also temperature for your home. You will also get statistic information about the amount of fuel, water, and electric. The alert system will protect your home form dust and fire.

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The motion technology will instantly alerts when an activity is detected. The activity will be also recorded too. You can easily stream a video from your home with high-quality audio too. Combine S-Cradle with IOT remoter for the best performance.



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S-Cradle will help you secure your home and also stay connect. It will give you an auto call 911 center when the situation is in danger. The motion sensor will record and alert any activities in your home, it will directly send you a notification.

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