Domotron: The AI-Powered Smart Home

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The Slovak-based company that specialized in smart home solutions, Domotron, has just launched a sophisticated smart home hub that is user-friendly and supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn about user preferences and make personal automation on existing smart home devices.

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Domotron hub can easily be connected to all existing smart home devices, making the home smarter in an easy way. Wrapped in AI technology, the device can learn its users’ habits and recommend automation, schedules, and routines that are tailored to the user’s daily life.


Thus, the adaptation of the tech can increase the experience of using a smart home. Simply plug it in, connect to the application, answer a few simple questions and the AI inside Demotron Hub will start creating automation right away.

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The company claims that for more than a decade Domotron has created top-class smart home products, perfecting automation so that it does not need manual control. With Domotron, the real concept of a smart home can get to consumers around the world.


The companion app is equipped with AI Personal Assistant that allows users to communicate with Domotron via chat to get clear technical settings, easily understood and suggestions given can follow the level of user understanding in implementing automation.

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The Demotron application that controls the hub and the switch even displays the timeline related to events that have occurred and planned the automation act to give users total control over the system.

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Domotron also complements its hub with ZigBee 3.0 which makes it compatible with the most widely used smart home devices on the market such as Philips Hue, Ikea Home Smart, Tahfy Somfy, Sonos, Aqara, SmartThings, Netatmo, and iRobot.

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The AI-powered hub uses wireless switches with sensors that measure humidity, ambient light, air quality, and temperature. Plus, its users can control their smart home devices through the application or via a switch.

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Besides, Domotron uses location-specific data about the weather to adjust blinds and lights, astronomical data (sunrise, sunset, moon phase) to automatically adjust on / off lights, and geofencing to allow users to set it to turn on house lights and raise the garage door automatically when the occupant is near the house.

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The company has taken the first step to market its smart home hub through Indiegogo. Under the Black Friday Campaign Special, 6x Demotron Switch Pro and Hub is marketed at $594. March 2020 is the estimated time for the delivery of the products.


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