Cake Kalk OR: Engineered to Promote Performance

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Cake, a startup from Sweden recently launches the dirt e-bike model. Kalk Cake OR has a giant-like performance. Cake designed the Kalk OR by combining enduro geometry and downhill bicycles. The dirt e-bike is street legal, complete with lights and turns signal.

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The harmony among power and weight is a sensible move for vehicle design, with the general impact of boosting snort is the unavoidable expansion of mass. For the creators at Cake, they looked toward rising electronic advances to make a lightweight adaptation of a completely competent dirtbike.

The name Kalk comes from the word kalksten, the limestone that forms the bedrock of Gotland, the Swedish island where Cake is testing the dirt e-bike. The Kalk OR is the siblings of Kalk& which is the streel legal version of this e-bike.

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Kalk OR is engineered to replace mountain bikes and downhill. The bikemaker has developed drivetrain, chassis, and added motor permanent magnet (IPM) technology, which allows drivers to reach high speeds in a quicker period.

The Kalk OR is driven by an 11 kW electric motor. The motor is capable of producing a torque of 277 Nm @ 3,000 rpm on a wheel.  OR has been circulated in Europe and the United States with a price tag of $ 13,000.

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With that much torque inside the motor, the Kalk OR can go up to speeds of 80 km/hour. While the battery capacity of 2.6 kWh will be able to push the dirt e-bike as far as 100 km or for at least 3 hours of riding.

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This motorcycle has a shape not much different from a mountain bike by using high-quality components. Its weight is very light, less than 70 kilograms, even though the motorbike is carrying a large capacity battery.

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“The Kalk OR is engineered to promote performance, trail/enduro and free riding in the back country, leaving nothing at chance. The kinematics, size and geometry, together with construction, use of materials, making and more serve for an agile, light, torquey, snappy, flighty and exciting experience.” – Kalk OR

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Moving on to the features, this dirt e-bike is just as astonishing, the suspension that is embedded on Kalk OR is a racing class quality, Ohlins for the front and rear. The wheels are also made of Aluminum Alloy combined with the chassis of carbon fiber.

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  • Drivetrain: 11kW motor, 42Nm on shaft / 277Nm on wheel @ 3.000 rpm
  • Front sprocket: 13 teeth
  • Rear sprocket: 80 teeth
  • Chain size: 420 O-ring
  • Battery
    18650 lithium cells
    51.8 Volt
    50 Ah
    2.6 kWh
  • Weight: Dry 52kg + battery 17kg
  • Top speed: +80km/h / +50mph
  • Range: Up to 100km, 3h+ riding time
  • Dashboard & Controller: Configured for 3 riding modes
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