Droog DM-016: AGILE ELectric Machine!

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Electrification in motorcycle models is increasingly developing. Starting with a scooter, then moving to motorsport, and now there is a custom motorbike using a full battery-powered drive circuit called Droog DM-016.

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The builder from the United States, Droog Moto, is reportedly working on a retro-style motorbike concept using electricity as the main source of power for the propulsion.



Droog Moto states that the powertrain that pushes this e-motorbike is capable of producing 46 HP of power and 105 Nm of torque. There are two battery options available for the DM-016 E-Fighter, a battery with a capacity of 3.6 kWh or 7.2 kWh.

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To increase the efficiency of battery power consumption, the Droog DM-016 uses Zero Amp 550 technology to manage regenerative energy from braking.



The DM-016 E-Fighter model carries a predominantly black color to its exterior design. In addition, the e-motorbike uses LED technology headlights. The dashboard uses an LCD with a blue backlight to clearly display information.

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The body panels are mostly handcrafted, made of aluminum and steel to give it a modern retro feel. The Droog Moto also offers aluminum-alloy wheels or tubeless custom aperture settings for conventional wheels or standard wheel models.

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Consumers also have the option of rims paired with Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires, to be able to bulldoze all-terrain on. Droog Moto also has an upside-down front suspension, while there is a monoshock type damper on the rear side.

Packed with features and engine performance, the DM-016 has a scrambler character that can compromise off-road tracks and drive in urban areas. Plus, in terms of performance, the motorbike is able to compete with other rivals with similar characteristics.

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With the design, it adopted, its performance, and the toughness of the electric motorcycle, the DM-016 E-Fighter can be ordered through the official website for $ 32,500.

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