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Tamiya Wild One was the most popular toy car of the 1980s and the good news is that the classic reincarnation of the car is coming back in the near future. The toy car company Little Car Company plans to bring it to life in 2022. Not as a toy car but as a real car that two people can drive under the name Wild One Max.

The modern incarnation that Little Car Company will make for the Tamiya Wild One toy car will no longer use a 1/10 scale, but an 8/10 scale.

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As a result, radio control is no longer needed because the dimensions of the vehicle are sufficient to fit a propulsion engine. The company made it an electric car but still has an offroad design just like the toy version.


According to Little Car Company, Tamiya Wild One Max has dimensions of 3.5 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, and weighs 250 kg. In dimensions, it is equivalent to a city car so it deserves to be called a car.

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The Wild One Max will feature modern technology including regenerative braking and digital gauges. This car will also be built using a space frame chassis, coil-over suspension, 15-inch offroad tires, and special disc brakes at every corner.

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For the performance of the standard version of the Wild One Max, it can be spurred to a top speed of 48 km / h (30 mph) and can travel a distance of up to 40 km (25 miles) thanks to the 5.5 bhp electric motor.

The performance can be further enhanced with the optional modular power pack. The driver of Tamiya Wild One Max can choose between three driving modes: Novice, Eco, and Race.

Price and Availability

The price of the car has not been disclosed yet. However, Wild One Max ensures that the cars will be marketed starting from £ 6,000. Any interested party can pre-order the car from now on with a deposit of only £ 100.

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