Filmatic: Projector & Speaker & Lantern 3-in-1

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Projectors that are becoming more popular these days are available from various manufacturers, but if you are considering purchasing and you are likely to use them outdoors you need to check FILMATIC.

FILMATIC is developed by a startup in Hong Kong and has been promoted by Jellop. The main feature is that the projector is claimed to be compact and easy to carry, plus, it also has a waterproof offering.

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The box-shaped FILMATIC is palm-sized and weighs only 200 grams. It looks like a replica of something or a toy, but it’s actually a decent projector.

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The main selling point of FILMATIC is that it clears the waterproof standard IPX6 and it is okay to get a little wet in the rain. The body is covered with metal and is said to be strong against impact. It’s perfect for bringing to outdoor activities such as camping.


The projector uses the DLP method and can project 1080P resolution images at 30 to 120 inches. If it is 120 inches, it seems that it can be used for watching movies and watching sports games with a large number of people.

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The brightness is 200 ANSI lumens and it has an automatic focus adjustment function. It is said that distortion can be corrected within the range of 40 degrees.

FILMATIC works wirelessly with smartphones, etc., and not only projects the content in the terminal but also has Android built-in, so you can use apps like YouTube and Netflix even if you do not have a smartphone.

In an environment where Wi-Fi is not available, the user can enjoy a video by connecting to a terminal via USB-C or inserting a memory card.

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Thanks to the 5000 mAh battery, the pocket projector offers an autonomy of about 2.5 hours, which becomes 6 hours in the speaker version and 15 hours of use as a lamp.


Price and Availability

FILMATIC, which can also be used as a speaker and lantern, is raising funds on Kickstarter, and the investment amount at the time of writing the article is $320,463. After reaching the target amount and accepting investment until June 11, shipping is expected to begin in July.

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