Zanco Smart Pen: a powerful combination of phone, Bluetooth headset, stylus pen.

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Zanco Smart Pen is a very sophisticated Mobile Phone that is small, tiny and easy to carry anywhere. A Mobile Phone shaped like a pen that has advanced features that can help improve your daily work.

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This gadget is a unique and sophisticated prototype that is dedicated to users after years of design to help users to carry out their daily activities. Zanco S Pen is a combination of cellphones, Bluetooth headsets, stylus pens, sound recorders, laser pointers, and other advanced features.

Zanco S Pen has an embedded Laser Pen that can be used for presentations. Users can use the Zanco S Pen as a presentation aid or communicate via telephone. The battery used can last up to 6 hours during normal usage limits.

Zanco Smart Pen 2

Not only can you use listening to music from the SD Card, but users can also listen to their favorite FM Radio through this small gadget. The features don’t stop there as the users can use this gadget to do a video recording.

The easy-to-use Bluetooth feature can be paired with any type of smartphone. You can set it to ring if your smartphone rings through the Bluetooth connection.

A very unique and tiny mobile phone sized pen will facilitate you in various situations. Zanco S Pen is very easy to carry wherever you go and doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

Zanco Smart Pen 1

Zanco is one of those startups who are very concern with the emerging size of our gadget and try to simplify the approach through a lot of product that takes their debut on Kickstarter. Zanco Smart-Pen is available through the crowdfunding site for $ 49.

  • CE & RoHS: Approval
  • Size: 123.9 x 18.5 x 15.5
  • Flash: 32 + 32
  • Screen Resolution: 80 × 160
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Keyboard Light: White
  • Speaker Quality: 1208
  • Microphone: Double Microphone
  • Connector: 5 pins I / O Connector MIC
  • Bell Type: Mid
  • Language: Multi-Language
  • Contact Memory: 500
  • Motherboard Type: MTK6261D
  • Frequency: GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900
  • Sim Card: Nano Single Card
  • Front Camera: 0.3 Pixels
  • Back Camera: 0.3 Pixels
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0


Zanco Smart Pen

Zanco Smart Pen 5 Zanco Smart Pen 4

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