Keytron: the ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keytron Keyboard 3

Mechanical keyboard are extremely popular among public nowadays, and it appears that you can’t consider yourself an insider any longer except if you have such console that sounds like low-level gun each time you press a key.

Keytron Keyboard 3

Because of the idea of the brute most mechanical consoles are very cumbersome, one startup is currently hoping to redress this and has created Keytron ultraslim mechanical keyboar. Watch the video beneath to take in more about the extraordinary structure and highlights of the Keytron which underpins both Mac and Windows frameworks.

Other highlights include:

  • Tactile feel – Less finger force and travel which reduces finger fatigue!
  • Ultra-slim blue switch – 35% thinner than traditional switch contributed to its ultra-slim body with only 18mm.
  • World’s first mechanical keyboard with one key activate Siri or Cortana.
  • Mac layout – the layout is exactly the same as a Mac keyboard and has the same Mac function keys.
  • Wireless – 95% of all the mechanical keyboards on the market are wired. Keytron is wireless.
  • 18 different RGB backlights.
  • One-piece aluminum front and back panel housing.
  • Available in 87 and 104 keys.

Ultra Slim, Ultra Compact

Keytron Keyboard 2

Keytron Keyboard offers a mechanical keyboard, which was originally intended for gamers, but is now also available for everyone. Keytron brings a thin and minimalist keyboard design, but is very comfortable to use for typing.

Keytron Keyboard 4

Keytron Keyboard 5

Keytron Keyboard can be used using a cable or connected via bluetooth and can be used for Windows, MacOS, iPhone and Android. It can also be connected to 3 devices at one time. This keyboard is also equipped with special keys for Siri (Mac) and Cortana (Windows).

Keytron Keyboard 6

“We believe that the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboards appeals not just for gamers, but typists too. With that said, nearly 95% of mechanical keyboards out there are designed only for gamers.

We, at Keytron, have spent more than a year to create self-contained switches for easier typing in that Magic Keyboard style. And we are here to offer you the tactile feel of mechanical keyboard with a minimalist design.”

Keytron Keyboard 1

Keytron has a thickness of only 18mm so it can provide the best typing experience beside the RGB light that can spark from the inside. Keytron can be used from 8 to 40 hours depending on the usage. This keyboard is currently available to back via their Kickstarter page at $ 64.

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