GLAMOS: Turn Any Screen into A Fully Interactive Touch Screen

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A wide selection of products is available to facilitate modern humans in interacting with digital content. Now input peripherals such as keyboards and mice have become more concise, supported by a wide range of compatibility aspects so they can be connected to various types of devices.

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But in some situations, more practical control methods – for example using hand movements – are indeed better. Of course, not all devices are supported by motion or touch-based input systems and this condition then prompted a former Samsung engineer to develop a unique device called GLAMOS.

By utilizing LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, GLAMOS is designed to turn any screen in the home into an interactive touchscreen. Not only limited to that but GLAMOS basically can work just like a Kinect-style motion sensor.

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Portability is also a feature that puts GLAMOS on the map. The LiDAR technology inside GLAMOS is packed in a super-tiny body – with a dimension of 37x27x34mm and weighs 17.7-grams. This tiny form makes it easy for users to carry it around and put GLAMOS anywhere.

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Although GLAMOS is small in size, it has a wider detection range than products with similar functions. In addition to high portability, GLAMOS promises an easy installation process.

The users need to put or pin GLAMOS and plug in the cable, voila it’s ready to use. The device is compatible with various types of devices (from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, smart televisions to digital kiosks) and supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems.

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LiDAR sensors are usually utilized by robotic vacuum cleaners and autonomous cars. And at work, GLAMOS relies on three elements: a rotating mirror module, motion tracking software, and a distance sensor. Every movement will be converted into the input and transferred via Bluetooth.

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GLAMOS can read hand/finger movements at a frequency of 40Hz in the area above where it is placed – measuring 182x91cm 180 degrees. It can help users in a variety of scenarios: to simplify presentations, navigate smart TV content to eReaders, and make a projection on the wall to become interactive.

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The manufacturer also claims that GLAMOS can juggle ‘all mobile games in the Wii-style games’, which is very helpful for freeing children from the entanglement of the smartphone. Many popular titles can be played with GLAMOS – Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Bowling King, Cooking Mama, Perfect Slices, and others.

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GLAMOS is making its debut through the fundraising campaign that is currently available to buy on Kickstarter. During the crowdfunding period, GLAMOS is priced at $ 109 for the Early Bird perks. If nothing going wrong, the delivery is planned to take place in July 2020.

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