Tekrapod: The First Open-Water Safety Device

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When you see swimmers on lakes or oceans that are far from the coast or on the shore, you must be wondering – what happens if they got tired or cramped? Yes, there are float devices that they can use, although some of them are quite complicated.

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Nowadays, open water swimmers sometimes carry a kind of float that is usually tied to their feet, or they wear an inflatable device in a complement such as a leg or an arm.

However, the use of these safety tools comes with its own problems. First, the user can get entangled in their float cable, while the latter can make them feel asymmetrical while moving through water.

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With this limitation, swimmer and Irish engineer John Hanley created Tekrapod. Tekrapod is designed to eliminate all of the above problems. Featuring a laminated neoprene body and adjustable elastic strap, the slim device is placed on the back of the user.

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If they get into trouble, they just need to stop and pull the red toggle at the bottom. Doing so will release the CO2 cartridge, which expands into a safety float. This cartridge can be replaced easily if damage occurs.

The swimmers can then hold the floating buoy bag to keep themselves floating on the water. The float remained attached to the backpack behind because of the safety rope.

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Swimmers can then signal their presence to the rescue team by blowing whistles in the buoys, or they can continue swimming with the aid of the buoy’s ability. Once they get to the beach, it can be deflated and put back into the backpack, along with the new CO2 cartridge.

For added security, an optional waterproof LED strobe can be installed at the top of the backpack unit, warning sailors and other people about the presence of swimmers.

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Drowning is the third driving reason for accidental death, as indicated by the World Health Organization there has been 360,000 yearly suffocating death around the world. Kids, men, and people with expanded access to water are most in danger.

This puts vast water swimmers directly in the terminating line with regards to water security. Open waterways request regard and care ought to consistently be taken, to guarantee you can swim securely yet in addition have a charming knowledge.

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If you are interested in getting one, Tekrapod is currently available on the Kickstarter platform. By donating $106, you are guaranteed to get a Tekrapod when they start being produced and distributed to the market.

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