Cleansebot: World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

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As our lives get busier, the demand for automatic cleaning devices increases. The creation of the washing machine to a vacuum cleaner is coming to life thanks to the needs of modern humans. But one drawback is that these tools will still be troublesome if you have to carry them when traveling.

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This drawback then became the motivation behind the development of CleanseBot, a smart robot designed as a miniature of robotic vacuum clear. The device has a diameter of 13cm and 3cm thick.

This minimalist dimension makes it easy for us to put it in our travel bag or suitcase. But, CleanseBot does not only function to clean the dust. It is also effective at killing germs with effectiveness of 99.99 percent.

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CleanseBot works smart, without requiring its user to make arrangements first. The user practically needs to only press a button and then put it on a mattress or part of a sheet covered by a blanket. Furthermore, CleanseBot will operate automatically for 30 minutes. To make sure there are no germs left, the user can repeat this process again.

During the process of cleaning, the robot uses four UV-C lights to sweep from two sides simultaneously. In general terms, it is bad news for bacteria and claimed to be able to prevent the spread of the virus.

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CleanseBot can even find out its surroundings and work in a corner of the bed without falling thanks to the support of 18 sensors, mapping systems, and wheels that can hold on the grip on almost any surface.

Interestingly, CleanseBot is supported by two other usage modes. The first one is the handheld mode which is suitable for cleaning small objects such as light switches, dolls, toilet seats, pillows or TV remote. Just activate and apply the UV-C lamp to these objects. In addition to that, CleanseBot can also act as a portable power bank, which has a 3.700mAh battery.

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The team behind Cleansebot choose the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise funds so that CleanseBot can reach the consumers. So far the campaign has run very smoothly and has managed to raise capital of $ 1,187,861 with a total of 10,474 backers. The products are sold starting at $ 100, the plan is that the company can start the distribution in April 2019.


Cleansebot: World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

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