8BitDo GBros. Adapter: Everything old is new again

8bitdo Gbros Adapter 2

Despite the popularity of the Nintendo Switch on the market as the only handheld gaming console, many still feel that the company should have been able to make a controller that is better than they currently have.

8bitdo Gbros Adapter 4

Nintendo itself is aware of this fact, and they anticipate it by preparing a special edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is bundled with a GameCube controller. The problem is, this bundle will only be sold in limited quantities.

But that is not gonna be a problem if you still keep the original GameCube controller properly. You can even use it wirelessly if you want with the help of an 8BitDo-made adapter, which is already quite familiar to retro gaming fans.

8bitdo Gbros Adapter 1

GBros is an adapter that is tangible like a capsule with dimensions of 100 x 35 x 29 mm and connects to the Switch via Bluetooth like a Wiimote. From there, the users just need to plug it in the GameCube controller.

8bitdo Gbros Adapter 3

There are four buttons on the adapter that can be used to enter the main display Switch (home) or take screenshots. The remaining two are to change the mode between Switch or Windows. This adapter can even let you play a number of PC games using the GameCube controller if you want.

Besides the GameCube controller, GBros is also compatible with the NES Classic controller, Classic SNES, and Wii Classic. You don’t even need to recharge it every time after playing, because the power supply comes from AA batteries, with estimated durability of up to 30 hours of use. This multifunction is available in the market for $20.

8bitdo Gbros Adapter 2


System Compatibility

  • Switch
  • Windows

Controller Compatibility

  • GameCube controller, NES Classic controller
  • SNES Classic controller, Wii Classic controller

Connection Port

  • Wii Classic controller port, original GameCube controller port


  • 6m – 10m

Connectivity / Battery

  • USB, Bluetooth
  • AA battery

Dimensions / Weight

  • 100mm*35mm*29mm
  • 38g

Special Features

  • Switch: HOME button and Screenshot button are available.
  • Windows: Turbo functionality is available.
  • Lag – free


  • GBros. Adapter
  • Cable band
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual

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