The Herston Self-balancing Desk Lamp: beautifully designed & delicately engineered

The Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp 3

Human unconsciously grow and see with the help of lighting. Vision is indeed closely related to lighting. If we go into space without light, we cannot see anything. Therefore, designing light means designing also how humans see.

The Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp 3

Of course, everything is related to emotions. What we see will be absorbed and become feelings. That is the idea behind The Herston Self-Balancing Desk Lamp that is expected to mold perfectly in everyday life.

The Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp 5

The Herston Self-balancing Desk Lamp is a table lamp that can be easily positioned. You can adjust the height, to the level of the slope. So that it can be adjusted as you wish. This table lamp is perfect for offices or homes and can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

The Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp 2

The Herston Self-balancing Desk Lamp has a weight of 3.1 kg and utilizes high-performance LED lights. The lights can light up to 60,000 hours and last up to 27 years if used frequently 6 hours a day. The lamp module can also be replaced easily if there are unwanted things such as damage.

The Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp 4

“The Herston Desk Lamp is hand finished and assembled in our London-based studio, using the finest techniques and care. Every desk lamp will be quality checked & tested personally by us before being sent to its new home to ensure our customers are receiving a product they can be proud to own for years to come.”

The Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp 1

  • Dimensions: 470 x 490 x 165 mm (See diagram)
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Materials: Powder-coated iron and aluminum castings with wooden arms and base and solid brass fittings
  • Colors: Available in Oak & Off-white or American Walnut & Black
  • Light source: Integrated LED (included)
  • Dimmer Switch: Solid brass control knob for on/off and brightness adjustment
  • Brightness: Up to 500 Lumens
  • Colour Temperature: Warm White (3000 Kelvin)
  • Colour Rendering Index: Min 80 CRI
  • Efficiency: 80 Lm/W
  • Lifetime: Min 60,000 Hours ( 27 years based on 6 hrs/day usage)
  • Voltage: 12V DC (from supplied power adapter 100-240V AC)

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