McLaren Speedtail: Hypercar like no other

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McLaren Speedtail was just released on October 26, 2018. The theme that was carried out was plainly fantastic, “Fusion of Science and Art”. McLaren Speedtail is claimed to be the fastest model ever produced by the United Kingdom manufacturer.

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The combination of luxury and speed in one series is what is offered at the McLaren Speedtail. Luxury, in this case, is not a luxury in chrome accents or other interior accessories, but McLaren is working with a jewelry company called Vaughtons from Birmingham, England.

It is worth noting, McLaren Speedtail presents three 18 carat white gold plates which are pinned by two on the front body side and one on the back side. Not to mention, the weight reaches 100 grams combined with carbon bandage.

The policy of working with Vaughtons does not seem trivial. This jewelry manufacturer once made an Olympic gold medal and FA Cup Trophy. The white gold pinned to the Speedtail can also be designed with additional information about the date and location of production. However, for those of you who don’t really like gold ornaments, McLaren also offers platinum material for its logo.

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For high-speed cars, the body design bode well with the concept of aerodynamics which is the most important thing. The same thing is also highlighted on the exterior side of the McLaren Speedtail 2019. The speed tail will appear with a more natural body curve with a side body curve and the use of a minimalist design LED taillights.

The safety features of the McLaren Speedtail 2019 is located in the suspension aspect. Applying Adaptive Dampers configuration to make the vehicle more comfortable in a barrier-free area and adjust the body position lower when going at a high-speed level. On the other hand, the Speedtail is also very dependent on the function of the camera pinned on several sides of the body.

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The cockpit is designed with a futuristic concept but cannot be separated from all practical driving needs. The concept of the dashboard uses the position of the steering wheel in the middle, flanked by two wide screens. All components are in one black background with additional cooling features on both sides of the tip.

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In this case, the superiority is felt more especially from the side of the driver who is able to get more precise visibility than the left and right steering wheel models. On the other hand, the dashboard is packed very neatly without being littered with buttons that are often found in other competitors. No doubt, this kind of interior serving is prioritized for the convenience of motorists or what we often call driver’s oriented.

Futuristic and elegant, that’s the first impression when the customer reaches for the chair. Designed with an order that flows like water but does not release the essence of comfort for riders and passengers. White wrapping and a sweetener on the golden line on the side of the chair made a special futuristic presentation that we had never seen before.

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Interestingly, the Ultimate Hypercar-GT car was only created specifically for 106 consumers. Determination of these figures is not accidental but rather refers to the total sales of legendary cars, McLaren F1 in the 1990s. From these facts, you could say Speedtail is classified as a Limited Edition product.

From the official website, it is said that McLaren will determine who is the lucky customer to take home this latest model. The process is also based on consumer loyalty to McLaren and how they treat their cars collection.



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