KTM X-Bow Racer GTX: Performance and Purism

Ktm X Bow Racer Gtx 2

Austrian car and motorcycle manufacturer KTM has released a new version of the X-Bow. The title is now given a GTX affix and not solely the same, the packaging to the runway is getting overhauled to produce an intimidating car.

12 years ago, the first KTM X-Bow was released. The car has amazing rate capabilities and super trim control. In fact, the car has a relatively ordinary machine stock.

KTM embedded the Audi 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder turbo and tweak it to reach the capability of releasing 368 hp while the torque clock at 498 Nm.

Ktm X Bow Racer Gtx 3


During that time, 1,300 units of the car were sold. A fairly large number, considering the relatively small factory facilities. The collaboration between Kiska Design, Audi, Reiter Engineering, and Dallara, the chassis maker, was quite successful.

And KTM was ready to copy the success with the GTX version that is made much more perfect. Although the weight has increased to 997 kg  – from 790 kg – the specs still special.

Adopting Audi 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder engine, the KTM X-Bow Racer GTX capable of spitting 600 Hp. Almost doubled the number of its predecessor.

Ktm X Bow Racer Gtx 4

KTM embedded essential elements of the KTM brand into the GTX: extreme, performance, and purity. On the design, the KTM X-Bow Racer GTX  went on a whole new design language.

Ktm X Bow Racer Gtx 1

The design of the car looks more mature, less raw, and brutal like it used to be. The shape kinda resembles with McLaren, Koenigsegg, or the like. To go inside the car, the driver does not use conventional doors as all the windshields will open, just like a jet fighter.

With the release of the KTM X-Bow Racer GTX, KTM is going to be the third brand to ensure their participation in the GT2 car racing championship. TX fulfills homologation for the GT2 racing class where they will compete against other carmakers.

Furthermore, KTM will produce only 20 cars on the initial stage using a homologous mono chassis on the GT2 model at the end of 2020. As for the price, the standard version of the KTM X-Bow GTX is valued at $ 181,200.

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