Beeline Moto: The Modern and Smart Navigation for Motorcycles

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Before releasing the Beeline Moto, the company had already got their first success story, when they double their £60,000 goal on Kickstarter. Now, the creator is targeting the new market for their navigation device with Beeline Moto.

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The concept hasn’t changed much, however, the Beeline is presently a vastly improved item. Minimal, powerful and impenetrable to rain, residue and stuns, Beeline Moto gloats IP67 certificate for remarkable versatility in severe climate and unfriendly conditions.

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The commence was straightforward: a perfect, clear, moderate route show for the riders that indicated just the course and separation to the goal. The moto variant will permit a similar style of direct path route, giving you a chance to pick your own course, or else change modes to offer you a turn-by-turn arrangement.


Clear Display

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The display is super spotless and straightforward: a major bolt with a separation underneath it is its core. Thusly by turn mode, Beeline’ll disclose to you which approach to turn in what number of miles or kilometers.


3 Month Standby Time

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One full charge can control this guide for up to 30 hours, and utilizing the backdrop illumination still offers an astounding 10 long hour stretches of activity. Standby life battery is around 2-3 months.


Anywhere, Anytime

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Another enormous in addition to for the Beeline Moto is that the maps have the overall scope and are likewise free, with refreshes. Once a course is arranged, information association is never again required, sparing you cash on downloading the data.


Fit to Any Model

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Beeline Moto comes with a variety of mounts that should make installing it on any motorcycle or scooter a breeze. Ram mounts, straps and so on are also in the game, so there’s little chance you won’t be able to use it, regardless of what moto you might ride on.

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The Beeline Moto is likewise stellar, as it utilizes a wind and-bolt framework that makes it simple to mount and unmount the display, for most extreme solace and true serenity.


Bluetooth Ready

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The navigation device utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) so the 350 mAh battery offer a lot of juice while making short work of energizing. The two iOS and Android applications are accessible, with course arranging, sparing and sharing included, plus GPX file import built-in capabilities.



Beeline Moto 3

This US$129 device dubbed Beeline Moto mounts to your cruiser to give you straightforward, clear visual route signs while you ride. It’s waterproof and shockproof, with a programmed night light and a 30-hour battery, it curves bolts on and off the entirety of your bike, and you can pick between turn-by-turn or direct path style route. So what else you need?

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  1. I have Ram mounts and saw that the Beeline Moto is compatible with a Ram mount. Where do I find the Beeline Moto Ram mountings for sale in the US.

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