MINI Remastered Oselli Edition: a Driver Focus Setup with Race-Car DNA

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David Brown Automotive (DBA) releases further details of the MINI Remastered Oselli Edition.

In 2019, David Auto Brown Automotive introduced the MINI Remastered Oselli Edition, which is a classic MINI that has been completely restored but has performance capabilities that deserve to be reckoned with.

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Working closely with the tuning racing specialist, Oselli, the model is transformed into a classic MINI car but has the ability to be deployed in racing events.

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The MINI Remastered Oselli Edition isn’t just a totally restored MINI classic. But the work focuses on the performance of a racing car.

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It may sound easy, but what David Brown did was be able to increase the performance of a classic MINI 40 percent higher than its original capability. There are two versions offered, namely the two-seater and four-seater types.



Each Oselli Edition unit is packing a 1,450 cc engine combined with twin SU carburetors and a five-speed gearbox. The new engine is capable of producing power of more than 100 hp.

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition 6

Other improvements also include upgrades to the braking system, suspension components to keep the car from moving erratic, and fitted 13-inch alloy wheels that are wider and use bigger tires.

On the inside, the Oselli Edition uses a full bucket seat and a rollbar attached to the back.

Mini Remastered Oselli Edition 2


Price and Availability

David Brown is offering a MINI Remastered Oselli Edition starting at £ 98,000 for the four-seater variant. As for the two-seater trim, the price range starts from £ 108,000.

Labeled as a limited edition product, the 60 Oselli Edition units available will also be offered with more customization options for consumers to choose from.

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