Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Replica: Recreate the Long-Lasting Worldwide Monkey Line

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 4

For those of you who call yourself a collector of unique and eccentric motorcycles replica, then acquiring Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 model replica will certainly add another charm to your collection. The classic Japan motorbike that was first released in 1967 is the hero of all hero and is still a trend.

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 1

This replica car has a small design – duh it’s a model – but the size is actually considered larger than the previous release. With this tiny design, the Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 can still provide a cheerful atmosphere in the room.

The motorcycle replicas are packaged with the naughty charm and captured perfectly with a larger engine capacity, which is around 124cc. The enchanting design is obtained from chunky tires, round head design, chrome fender, muffler cover, speedo and much more.

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 6

This intriguing outward appearance makes many people choose the Honda Monkey 125 replica as their collection at home. In terms of size, the replica motor made of 1/12 scale plastic model assembly kits that has a length of 142mm, width 63mm, and height of 86mm.

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 4

Interestingly, there is a part of the replica that took the same metal as the real bike. This is done to describe the lamp case and fender. With this metal layer, the replica of the motor seem more resilient and cool.

The eccentric motorcycle replica has a seat height of around 776mm so the proportions just look very perfect. The Tamiya replica’s seat has a size that is not too big with thick material. Although the tiny replica of this bike has the lowest distance to the ground which is quite high, which is 160mm.

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 5

Although this replica handlebar uses a low raiser, the posture is still made high so it looks cool. Not to mention the footstep position that is not too high which capture the charm of the real bike perfectly. The classic impression will be increasingly thick with a low and small tank size.

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 9

The cheeky charm of the Honda Monkey 125 comes with the unique and eccentric design and Tamiya did just the right decision to release the replica of one of the most long-lasting worldwide acclaim bike. On the case that you want to add this replica model home, you have to spend around $ 36, which is a bargain if you ask me.


Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Replica

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 7

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Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 2

Tamiya Honda Monkey 125 Model 3


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