Casio PRO TREK Smart WSD-F21HR: Visualize Your Performance, Making It More Enjoyable

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Exercising is one of the most enjoyable activities, especially if the period can be done outside the home comfort while enjoying the outside scenery. Even though you are doing fun sports activities, you still have to carve yourself out the time so that the other activities are not gone to waste.

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Casio is already a wellknown company in their specialization as a watchmaker but their subline called Pro Trek is focusing on the more trendy factor and we do know that the complete sports watch is in demand right now.

Recently, Casio launched its newest product called WSD-F21 HR. The watch is already received a lot of good acknowledgment especially for sports. The watch with the operating system from Google is not only useful as a timepiece but also can monitor heart rate and provide directions.

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With a dual-screen size of 1.32 inch and TFT LCD 320×300 pixels, the Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR be able to display information on how fast your heart rate is. This feature has already been a must and is certainly very useful when you exercise.

Casio Pro Trek Smart Wsd F21hr 6

Plus, you won’t have to worry if you do not really accustomed to the route that you are trekking because this watch has a MAP button that can display the compass and the route so it is suitable for you who want to take it biking or just having a day exploring.

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Casio also put on several other features such as the instrument to measure the altitude and air pressure, showing sunset time of sunrise leaves, tidal graphs, activity graphs, such as the duration of the activity, calories burned, number of steps, duration of exercise to total altitude.

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The 81-gram watch has a battery that can last for 1.5 days without the use of GPS. The normal use utilizes multi time-place mode (timekeeping and sensors only). While on the case you activate GPS then the battery will “only” last for 20 hours.

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However, you don’t need to worry if your watch runs out of battery because you can just easily recharge it. Casio claims that the Pro Tek Smart WSD-F21HR only takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery and can be used again.

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Casio provides two variations for their WSD-F21 HR watches, the Red one with code WSD-F21 HR-RD and the black variation with WSD-F21 HR-BK. The difference between the two lies in the shade, while the specifications and features are the same.

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