2020 TAXA Mantis: Space to roam.

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With all the hustle and bustle in modern life that keeps us under the iron forest every day of the week, the time to go outside and just settle in the forest by doing camping is another modern version of blessing. One downside of camping is the lack of comfort that is annoying at times.

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TAXA Outdoors, a company specialized in making camping tools and caravan just released a new product called Mantis that is not just suitable for your whole camping experience but also provides a lot more than just a place to stay while camping out with your family.

Camping is usually synonymous with makeshift facilities because there are only tents and campfires. But, with Mantis, you can get a camping experience under the comfort of staying at home.

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Mantis is specially designed with a variety of additional features, such as a 12-volt electric system, water heater, fridge, cassette toilet, sink, shower, two-burner stove, water tank, and bathtub. All of the primary needs of the modern human is already on the list.

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Even though Mantis is much smaller than a normal home, you can still enjoy the comfort of a full-size bed. This bed has a safe and adequate storage system and gets the right lighting for your resting time.

The bed can even be folded to seat 6 people at a time. Plus, the location of the bed can be converted into a seat that very fitting to enjoy the weather by looking out at the view.

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Besides the bed, you can also utilize all of the kitchen facilities on the Mantis to craft the best and delicious meals during your camping. Then, you can enjoy the meal at the dinner table. For those of you who are also coming with children, you do not need to worry because there is a special desk for the kids.

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While the main objective of creating the Mantis is to complete the needs of the modern human, but TAXA also put on their focus on the design and the style of their product. The steel frame, 1-inch plywood deck with laminated ABS, smooth nickel-patterned flooring and Kynar painted aluminum composite panel make it look sturdy and stylish.

Mantis has an innovative and creative design where every space needed is also available to provide comfort when you are going on camping. Even though the room is designed with a low roof, it’s safe for you to sit and relax with family or friends.

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Going on an adventure anywhere will be easier and more fun with Mantis as the 19-foot-long camper can accommodate 4 adults weighing around 3,000 pounds. With this size, Mantis is not only easy to pull but also easily stored. Especially with the 15-inch tires and the wireless brake control that makes it easy to pull.


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