Airstream Basecamp: Ready When You Are

Airstream Basecamp 8

Meet the Basecamp, a streamlined form of Airstream’s great silver slug trailers, packed with 21st Century innovation pointed decisively at the millennials age.

Airstream Basecamp 8

Airstream’s smooth advertising recordings demonstrate recent college grads in yoga jeans and wool playing around on trailblazing bicycles and tasting riverside brews, set to a stone soundtrack. It is focused toward the raising of the vanlife age that is going on this moment.


The Best Form of Airstream’s Product

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Basecamp takes the brand notable streamlined style in another, energizing bearing. A similar quality and unwavering benchmarks and now been connected to making one of the lightest, most adaptable, and enterprise competent travel trailers ever. It’s shrewd, it’s unconstrained, and it’s the soul of Airstream – the soul of the enterprise.


Dimensions and Material

Airstream Basecamp 2

The aluminum structure sneaks past the air on the open street. The all-encompassing front windows let the owner take in the view around. What’s more, the inconspicuous stylistic layouts play off of common tones that originated from the outside.

The unpretentious tones of Basecamp’s interior design are intended to work in amicability with nature. Basecamp stylistic themes incorporate River Rock, Red Rock and Glacier Lake, each of the three of which include tough, marine-review flooring.

Airstream Basecamp 3

Basecamp’s 26″ x 46″ rear hatch lets you load and unload your gear through the back of the trailer into 126″ of available cargo depth from the hatch to the galley cabinets, without having to maneuver larger items like bikes and kayaks through the main door.

At the point when the day is done, shut everything down back bring forth to keep the trailer comfortable, or keep it open and append the removable screen to keep the natural air traveling through.


The Complete Form

Airstream Basecamp 6

At $36,400, Airstream’s most recent travel trailer is essentially more moderate (and reduced) than its more customary models, while as yet giving regular camper pleasantries: a shower, stove, A/C, microwave, icebox, seating, and resting quarters.

Airstream Basecamp 5

A kitchen, a bathroom, and a relaxing bed. Basecamp packs everything you need to make exploring comfortable into our smallest travel trailer yet. Every inch is thought out, every feature works hard, and every space is maximized.

Airstream Basecamp 4

The basecamp has a flexible resting space. It could be twins, it could be a couch and a twofold bed, or could be set up into its full-size bed. The conceivable drawback to this is this space serves as the dinette, so on the off chance that the owner is hoping to utilize it accordingly, they would need to set it up and bring it down.


Same Airstream feel. All new adventures

Airstream Basecamp 1

Basecamp is loaded with smart decisions that amplify space, keep things clean, and make everything from charging to cooking that substantially simpler. It’s beginning and end that each camper needs to have alongside on an experience.

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