Sync Vans: An Easy Way to Personalize Your Layouts

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If you don’t know what to do with your vans, you need to try one of this awesome products from Sync Vans. The products will give you a new easy way to personalize your vans layouts. With Sync Vans, you can try to blaze a new trail with your own too. Here are three main products that you can choose for your vans.

The Upland

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This awesome product can combine all items as the base package. There are many things that you can build easily with the Upland. You can incorporate a small sink and galley with upper cabinets, removable 2 panels bed system, and also removable jump seats.

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The Upland is a kind of layout model that has the same finish quality and high fit for your vans. It is a perfect getaway rig, friend hauler, and also kid hauler. There are a lot of items that you can incorporate using this product.

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It is very useful to personalize your vans interior package, including utility cabinets, upholstered ceilings and walls, and also wainscot with marine grade floor. The Upland is also perfect to build the water package, heating package, and LED lighting package.

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A multi-passenger configuration with a high fit quality.


The Sunstone

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When you need a new layout for your bed location in your vans, the Sunstone is the best answer. This product can help you a lot to personalize a sofa bed in the van cabin, allowing more space to move in the van.

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The Sunstone layout will incorporate some packages, especially the sofa bed. The layout can give you a cozy sofa bed which is easy to adjust it as a sleeping place or a seating area. The bed will be customized together with base cabinet, custom countertop, fold-down sink, and faucet.

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It can create a continuous aisle way in the vans.


The Atlas

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The last product from Sync Vans that you need to have is the Atlas. It will give you a base package to design the bed location. When you think a sofa bed seems not enough for you to sleep in the vans, the Atlas can help you to create the best bed layout ever.

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This product will use the 2 or 3-panel removable bed which is located at the back side of your vans. It will give you an extra seat area in the bed. The configuration and the bed location are the things that make the Atlas is different from other van layouts.

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Sync Vans 10

The bed location and configuration allows you to sit up in bed.

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