Hybrid Watch Concept: A Combination of Two Best Worlds

Hybrid Watch Concept 2

Alexander Kaula previously designed a smartwatch in 2014 for his industrial-design application. In 2015, he was back with the Hybrid Watch Concept. The main concept of this watch is about combining two best worlds in one object. Hybrid Watch Concept allows you to send any digital contents to your smartphone.


Hybrid Watch Concept 6

Hybrid Watch Concept 5

Alexander Kaula thinks that the biggest problem in a digital watch is the small batteries with poor battery life. When the battery runs flat, it can’t be used anymore. It becomes the biggest problem in using a watch for all people.

A watch that can be used even when the battery is empty.


Hybrid Watch Concept 4

Hybrid Watch Concept 3

The main idea of Hybrid Watch Concept is creating an awesome watch concept design with the best of two worlds combination. The analog system can tell you the time even when the battery runs flat. The watch also can be used by connecting it to your smartphone.

The best connectivity with the smartphone to deliver any content.



Hybrid Watch Concept 2

Hybrid Watch Concept 1

The supply connection system is located at the back side of the watch. It will supply the power that the watch needs. The magnetic part can be found in the middle of the device, aligning the metal rings on the base well.

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