PLAGA Drone: A Modern Drone Design with Propeller Engines

PLAGA Drone 6

This awesome drone concept is designed by Daniel Platek from London and Artur Gaca from Poland. PLAGA Drone is a modern drone design with four propeller engines on it. The design is solid and dark, inspired by the technologies trends and contemporary style.


PLAGA Drone 1

The designers try to show how a drone will look like in the future. The inspiration comes from the contemporary design and also technological trends that you often found in a drone these days. It makes PLAGA Drone looks awesome and cool.



PLAGA Drone 2

PLAGA Drone 3

PLAGA Drone 4

PLAGA Drone 5

The outer look of PLAGA Drone is not only modern but also futuristic, sleek, dark, and also solid. This kind of design makes it really interesting to be seen. It is not only designed for a drone lover but also for all people.



PLAGA Drone 6

PLAGA Drone 7

PLAGA Drone 8

PLAGA Drone 9

The rotors and the internal circuits of PLAGA Drone are covered by an external styrofoam. It makes this drone is not only lightweight but also strong in any kind of environment. This drone is also designed to be the most durable drone ever.



PLAGA Drone 10

PLAGA Drone 11

PLAGA Drone 12

PLAGA Drone 13

The main goal or main intention of the designers is creating a drone concept design which is easy to be recognized by all people. This drone will be easy to be used for both professional and also the amateur well.

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