Honda Dream Drive: Make restaurant reservations, pay for fuel, movie tickets and parking, share the driver’s location

Honda Dream Drive 2

Honda presents a new technology for connectivity this technology called Honda Dream Drive, this technology will be applied to the All New Honda Passport 2019. Honda introduced the technology of Honda Dream Drive, a prototype technology that integrates driving experience with mobile technology.

Honda Dream Drive 2

The first technology presented in the automotive industry presents access to various online content to meet the needs of drivers and passengers alike. Honda Dream Drive serves a variety of online content that is presented to drivers, including shopping and online payment features from inside the car.

This feature was designed in collaboration with various partners such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal to facilitate the purchase of daily necessities such as gasoline, parking, or buying food.

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Honda Dream Drive can also be arranged through voice command technology and touch screens, drivers can also easily make restaurant reservations, buy cinema tickets or share vehicle locations, which are done in collaboration with companies such as Atom Tickets, Chevron USA, Inc., The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, Grubhub, Glympse, iHeartRadio, IPS Group, Arrive, Parkopedia, Phillips 66, Yelp and USAA.

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For passengers, Honda Dream Drive offers a variety of entertainment throughout the trip such as watching movies, listening to music, finding interesting places along the way, to reading comics and playing games.

All of these features can be controlled through the personal device of passengers connected to the Honda Dream Drive. For the provision of content, Honda also collaborated with several well-known companies such as AAA, DC, Entercom / RADIO.COM, Lego Group, Silvergate Media, Octanauts Team and Univision Music.

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Not only that, consumers who conduct activities or transactions through Honda Dream Drive will get points with a certain amount of value, which can be collected and exchanged for attractive prizes.

First exhibited as concept technology at CES 2017, now Honda Dream Drive has evolved by offering a variety of services and entertainment that is easily accessible to motorists and passengers in the cabin, so as not to disturb concentration while driving.

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The technology was built together with Connected Travel, a company engaged in application services and connected vehicles. For the first time, Honda demonstrated the workings of the Honda Dream Drive on the All New Honda Passport 2019 at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This technology will greatly facilitate the Honda user and their family when they want to order or make payments online. Honda Dream Drive is a technology that is out of the box in the world of automotive world.

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