Honda e: A Dream Made Real, This Is Not a Prototype

Honda E 4

Honda e was launched at the prestigious Frankfurt Auto Show 2019. The launch of this electric car is proof of the seriousness of the Japanese manufacturer in the environmentally friendly vehicle segment which was not answered properly until now.

Honda E 1

Honda e is the first generation of the Honda electric car series going forward. This electric car will also become Honda’s first electric car to be mass-produced and sold to the public as fast as the summer of 2020.

Since the prototype was introduced in 2017, Honda e has continued to develop until it is ready to enter the mass production line. From the dimensions of the body, the figure is more suitable to be categorized as a Hatchback car. Tiny, futuristic and Urban-themed, the main dish of the Honda e.

Honda E 4

On the other hand, we kinda get a glimpse where Honda is kinda informing the general public that the Japanese automotive company is always at the forefront of technology. Not only does the car comes with a futuristic design but Honda e also comes with a variety of interesting features both on the interior to the safety features.

Honda E 2

On the exterior, conventional mirrors are now replaced by a side camera mirror system by carrying a small camera that is connected directly to a 6-inch screen in the dashboard. The first use of camera technology in the compact car segment creates a more stylish look, safer driving experience, and better aerodynamics.

Honda E 8

Inside, five of the latest generation screens displayed on the dashboard. One of them is a 12.3-inch wide LCD touch screen that is connected to the infotainment system to support the lifestyle of consumers in urban areas and is equipped with a modern cabin with the best material.

Honda E 9

Access to applications and online services on the dashboard screen can also be done with voice command through Honda Personal Assistant technology, an artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence / AI) that can have natural conversations with drivers and passengers for easier access.

Honda E 7

The Honda Personal Assistant can be activated by saying, “OK Honda”, followed by questions or instructions. Over time, the Honda Personal Assistant will increasingly recognize the voice of each individual to provide a more accurate response.

In order to increase the security, the Honda e can be accessed using a digital lock to lock and unlock the vehicle through an application on a smartphone.

Honda E 6

Not only does Honda e owners can also always be connected to their cars through the My Honda + application, but the app also has received various updates to provide more functions, including vehicle condition reports, remotes for managing climate control features, and monitoring vehicle locations.

Additional functions specific to electric vehicles have also been provided, including charging and monitor controls over the remaining available energy and helping find the nearest charging station.

Honda E 5

Honda e is also equipped with an electric drive motor that produces two magnitudes of power, each of 136 PS and 154 PS, with a maximum torque of 315 Nm.

This electric car can reach a maximum distance of 220 km on a single charge, supported by a battery capacity of 35.5 kWh, which is the smallest sized car battery in its class. It can reach an 80% level within 30 minutes of charging. As for acceleration, Honda e is able to reach speeds of 0-100 km / h in 8 seconds.

Honda E 3

As for prices, the Standard version of Honda e is marketed at € 29,470 in Germany and £ 26,160 in Britain. For the higher variant, the Advance type, Honda put on a price tag of € 32,470 in Germany and £ 28,660 in the UK.

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