Chevrolet Menlo: The Brand’s First Fully Electric Vehicle

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In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, General Motors (GM) choose not to delay the launch of the Chevrolet Menlo. Chevrolet Menlo will compete with Tesla Model 3 made by Gigafactory Shanghai.


Claimed to be inspired by a multi-field conqueror car, the Chevrolet FNR-X, the car combines crossover and coupe style. LED headlights plus daytime running lights and LED rear lights. The look is quite unique from the side with the style of the floating roof piece, combined with the bottom rim measuring 17 inches.

The interior also gets a different touch from the Chevrolet family with a multi-layer center console. There is a 10-inch touch screen, the instrument panel sails 8 inches.

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The advantages of this electric crossover are storage space of up to 28 places and a total load of 1,077 liters of goods. The panoramic roof area is around 1,147 square meters, so when the shade is open, the impression of relief can easily be obtained.

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The Chevrolet Menlo has three driving modes and three energy recovery modes. Economy, normal and sporty driving modes support basic acceleration, standard acceleration, and enhanced acceleration depending on user preferences.

The energy recovery mode consisting of light-free recovery, medium efficient recovery, while strong energy recovery also supports personal preferences for a balance between driving performance and energy consumption.

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As for the performance, Chevrolet Menlo is able to present 110 kW or equivalent to 147.5 hp and torque of 350 Nm. The electricity consumption for the car is clocked at 13.1 kWh / 100 km.

As for the battery endurance, GM claims that its new car can travel 410 km in one single charge. Charging the battery will only take 40 minutes using a fast charger where in that period the capacity of the battery can jump from 0 to 80 percent.

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According to GM, the Chevrolet Menlo will be first making its debut in China where the car will be offered in four variants with prices starting at 159,000 RMB after receiving tax incentives from the Chinese government.

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