Amazon Echo Buds: Immersive Sound, Hands-Free with Alexa

Amazon Echo Buds 1

Jumping into the trendy wagon of wireless earbuds that are in vogue right now, Amazon recently launched its very own wireless earbuds called Echo Buds. The inaugural earbus is the result of collaboration with the famous audio manufacturer, Bose.

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One important feature that gets featured on Echo Buds is its active noise canceling feature that was adopted from Bose. Thus, you can listen to music in person without having to worry about the noise from around.

Just Like other smart device products from Amazon, Echo Buds is also supported by Alexa virtual assistant. Besides Alexa, Echo Buds is also compatible with Google Assistant and Siri when connected to an Android or iOS smartphone.

Amazon Echo Buds 1

Safety is the main concern when using noise-canceling features. For example, you need to be able to hear the vehicles around you while crossing a busy road. This is why Amazon makes it very easy to control its noise-canceling features on Echo Buds.

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With just a simple double tap on both buds, the passthrough mode can be activated, this mode will allow the ambient sound to enter your ear. Another double-tap and the noise reduction feature will light up again and blocking all the noise.

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In order to be your trusted buddy while accompany you listening to music, the Echo Buds battery can be used for up to around 5 hours. TBH, it is pretty average for wireless earbuds in general but with the help of a protective case, you can still get extra use time of up to around 20 hours.

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This is an interesting proposition for Amazon, adding another pair of true wireless earbuds to the mix, especially by accompanying it with a lot of backup features to create the synchronized ecosystem on their smart product.

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You also don’t need to worry when you take the Amazon Echo Buds to any activities outdoors. The reason is that the Amazon Echo Buds has already come with a body design that is waterproof and sweat with IPX4 certification.

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One thing that is quite astonishing from this product is that although the Amazon Echo Buds come with an active noise protection feature, Amazon still sells its wireless earbuds at a relatively pocket-friendly price. The Amazon Echo Buds is gonna release the product at the end of this month with a price tag of $ 129.99

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