Echo Sub: Powerful Subwoofer for Your Echo

Echo Sub 7

The first Alexa virtual assistant came with Amazon Echo smart speakers in November 2014. In almost three years, the Echo family has grown larger with the addition of several new devices that keep on coming.

Echo Sub 8

The largest retail company in the world has just introduced a number of new members of the Echo family, in addition to a new generation of existing devices. But this time we will focus on a new product from the Amazon ecosystem known as the Amazon Echo Sub.

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Echo Sub is a wireless subwoofer that can be connected to speakers from the Echo line to increase the intensity of the bass. The settings can also be done using voice commands. Sound interested? Keep on reading!


Rich Bass & Immersive Sound

Echo Sub 6

The audio device works with existing Echo and Echo Plus speakers remotely but it is also possible to set it up as one solitary speaker or with two speakers remotely, increasing both of their sounds and transforming it into a double setup.

Echo Sub 5

With Echo Sub and a perfect Echo gadget, you can add rich bass to your music encounter. Echo Sub conveys down-terminating, 100W profound bass sound through a 6″ woofer. When paired with your Echo device, you can feel the music as it fills the room.

Echo Sub 1

The device is huge with material wrapped chamber that encases a six-inch down-terminating woofer. It pursues the 2017-2018 design dialect of the Echo family with a textured covering. As you’d presumably expect it is accessible in charcoal, heather dim or sandstone like the Echo and Echo Plus.

Amazon Echo Ecosystem

Echo Sub 3

They will work in Amazon’s multi-room setup. There is no mic setup here – rather, Alexa works through your connection with Echo or Echo Plus – yet there is an activity button on the back should you have to overdrive Alexa manually.

Echo Sub 2

Amazon pushing into the home sound market, however, it focuses more on a premium group of onlookers that will pay higher costs for its items. Alongside the Sub, Amazon also announced two more audio products, the Echo Link Amp and Echo Link.


The Latest Addition

Echo Sub 7


The Echo Sub is a great addition for the Amazon Echo product lineup that was previously released. And with the updates that Amazon has promised in the near future, the addition of Echo Sub in the Echo ecosystem will be the most tasteful addition for now. This product is priced at $ 129.99.

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