All-new Kindle Paperwhite: Take the Story with You

All New Kindle Paperwhite 4

The tablet market is increasingly prevalent with various models that keeps on coming on with both on an iOS and Android basis. The tablet usage trend that is increasing every year also finally push the maker to start preparing special sections for the use of their tablets. One who still stands with their initial intention is Amazon with their Kindle line.

All New Kindle Paperwhite 6

The Kindle Paperwhite is the lightest and thinnest tablet made by Amazon which is the latest product specifically for reading purposes. Paperwhite is also now waterproof, so users can use it on the beach, pool or bath.


Complete Redesign

All New Kindle Paperwhite 5

Tablets specifically made for reading electronic books are available in two storage variants, namely 8GB and 32GB. In a single charge, the Kindle Paperwhite battery can last up to 1 week. The charm didn’t stop there, for the All-New Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon redesigned a lot of things.



All New Kindle Paperwhite 1

Users can adjust the lighting level so they can read perfectly both inside and outside the room. Unlike tablets in general, the Kindle Paperwhite’s screen does not reflect sunlight so it is more convenient to read ebooks.


This time, Listen to your tablet

All New Kindle Paperwhite 2

The Kindle Paperwhite is now also equipped with Audible which will make it easier for users to listen to the books they want to read, simply connect with the speaker or Bluetooth to listen to the desired book.


Adjust as you wish

All New Kindle Paperwhite 3

Change the content size and strength and read with Kindle-restrictive text styles, hand tuned to give most extreme coherence. Whispersync lets you flawlessly switch among reading and tuning in on your Kindle and Kindle application without losing your place.


Exclusive on Amazon

All New Kindle Paperwhite 4

For many Kindle users, the promotions from Amazon that provide several titles Books that are exclusively owned by them are one of the most convincing attractions. Well, Paperwhite can be owned for $ 129 and can be purchased via Amazon.

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