The New Land Rover Defender: A Family of All-Terrain Heroes

The New Land Rover Defender 9

At the end of last year, Land Rover released great news. Land Rover Defender will be revived in the form of a new generation. The plan is that the new model will begin to be marketed in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2020.

The New Land Rover Defender 13

The prototype form began to be tested in North America. The All-New Defender has been tested to navigate extreme areas. Temperatures in the range of -40 to +120 Fahrenheit, Off-Road and On-Road terrain, become an experiment that must be passed by the new Land Rover Defender.

It is undeniable, its performance in various fields is a special advantage of Land Rover Defender. And finally, at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, Jaguar finally showed how the real appearance of the new version that will be marketed next year.

The New Land Rover Defender 11

The Land Rover Defender was previously a design icon because of its simple and utilitarian shape. The basic appearance is simple: the shape of two boxes with a subtle impression that makes the shoulder lines stretch across the body.



The front end features an upright grille with a pair of round and smaller lights. The location of the lights separate in both corners. It can be observed together that the headlamps use a firm shape combined with the Bulb indicator lights on the sides.

The New Land Rover Defender 4

The overall front design looks quite harmonious with the front bonnet that is long but stocky. The front exterior design of the Land Rover Defender successfully gives the impression of being sturdy and masculine as the mainstay of the Land Rover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

The New Land Rover Defender 3

Side profiles suggest a greater resemblance to the original version. But to attract young people, Jaguar designers provide a softer and more modern look. The open door hinges have disappeared, while the C pillar is made much thicker.

The New Land Rover Defender 10

It is clearly seen how Jaguar wants to make the rear view to a minimum. The New Land Rover Defender gets a more conventional look. Large square lights on each side of the rear with a hanging tire design are still maintained when this new model is marketed next year.



Inside, the new Defender has little in common with its predecessor. The biggest similarity is the placement of the HVAC vent at the top of the center console. Whereas the 2020 model features a 10-inch infotainment screen that uses Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro software. This system can support the connection of two smartphones at the same time.

The New Land Rover Defender 12

Changes are clearly visible from the number of settings given to the steering wheel of the Land Rover Defender. Very contrast when compared with the plain design in the previous iteration. In addition, there is also a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a head-up display that confirms the futuristic design used in this tough car.

The New Land Rover Defender 8

Advanced technology is provided not only as a compliment. The renewal of the standard over-the-air lunar device and the arrival of the new Pivi Pro-based infotainment system make the Defender as comfortable as possible for its residents. The nature of Pivi Pro is always active as soon as the engine starts are ready for use via a 10-inch touch screen.



Jaguar claims that the New Land Rover Defender will get a 48 Volt battery. It can be further predicted that the engine could have implemented a Mild-Hybrid (MHD) configuration, Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) or even Pure-Electric (EV).

The New Land Rover Defender 7

The new Defender will get two versions, namely Defender 90 and 110. The difference is not only coming in the composition of the seat but also the engine. The lower level of the Land Rover Defender operating system will rely on a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 inline engine powered with 296 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. With 8 ZF automatic speeds and 0-100 in 7.7 seconds, the highest speed is in the range of 191 km/hour.

The New Land Rover Defender 6

Whereas the hybrid version was given to the Defender 90 that will be implanted with a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine in line with an electric boost. The car able to produces 395 horsepower at 550 Nm of torque, capable of delivering 0-100 in 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 207 km/hour.

The New Land Rover Defender 9

The global marketing campaign will begin in 2020. The Land Rover Defender 110 will be available from next spring and followed by the Defender 90. The price for the Land Rover Defender will start at $ 50,925 for the lowest variant.

The New Land Rover Defender 5

On the case that you want the hybrid technology embedded, you will be asked to pay at least $ 63,275 for the SE as the lowest variant. The prices for the Defender 90 are likely to be announced during their official launch in 2020.

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