Arkonik Defender ONYX: Are You Tough Enough?!

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Jaguar Land Rover undeniably owned a legendary car called Defender. Similar to its name, the car is indeed very tough in tackling extreme fields. Many people know it as one of the best off-road cars that have ever existed.


Its legendary toughness keeps its loyalist although currently, Land Rover has stopped the production of its newest unit. But any adventure enthusiasts are still looking for this model, that is why Defender’s older models have always the primadonna in the market.

Some even go to the length in making an extraordinary restoration so that the Defender can appear more luxurious and elegant.

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One of the most famous shops that handle Defender is Arkonic. The company recently completed the restoration of a 1992 Land Rover Defender which the called ONYX D110.

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On the exterior, the 1992 Defender gets new air intakes on the sides and upper wings, a roof rack with seven LED spotlights and rear stairs, side stairs, and winch for steel sling cables. The bodywork, roof, and wheel arches are all covered in Santorini Black color to provide subtle contrast.

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The interior has two Recaro bucket seats in the front, 3 premium high-back in the center row, and four tip-up seats in the back. All of them are covered in black Nappa leather with Alcantara trim with diamond stitching. In total, the Arkonik Defender ONYX is capable of carrying 9 adult passengers.

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This car also adopted modern technology such as a modern ignition key with a USB port for the first two lines, LED lighting package, Pioneer premium sound system with touch screen, Apple Car Play, Air Conditioning, and Arkon X Black leather steering wheel.

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To support its cruising capabilities, this car uses the Arctic Cellular Dynamic suspension with an enhanced steering dam so that the trunk is anti-roll to provide smooth assistance characteristics. The legs are enhanced with 16-inch BFGoodrich tires from Kahn Defend which can split extreme terrain.

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The heart of the car is powered by a 200TD turbo four-cylinder diesel engine which is capable of producing 111 hp power and 255 Nm of torque so that it is very capable for any offroad exploration.

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Taking the already well-established car such as the Defender to a whole new level is not gonna be cheap. In fact, to take home this luxurious and powerful Defender, the prospective owner needs to spend$ 185,000.

Arkonik Defender ONYX

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