Bullit Hero Gulf Edition: The Best Traction and Comfort

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The motorcycle manufacturer Bullit Motorcycles is largely unknown for the public but one of the latest creations from the motorcycle manufacturer, the BULLIT Hero Gulf Edition is ready to change that perception. However, the motorbike will only be available in a limited edition.


Bullit Motorcycles brings motorcycles whose retro look is convincing. The design of the Scrambler, like the BULLIT Hero Gulf Edition, is aggressive and distinctive.  The motorcycle smithy originated in Belgium but is produced in China. The reason for the special edition is the cooperation with Gulf Europe and Mooof NV.

In addition to the BULLIT Hero Gulf Edition, the manufacturer of the Scrambler has already convinced many motorcycle enthusiasts with models such as the Bullit Hero 125, Bullit Hunt S 125, and Hunt S 250 and the Bullit Spirit 125.

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But the recently launched special edition has a whole new attractive feature. It has an output of 8.5 kW and is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox. An EFI 4 stroke with air cooling is used as the engine. The scrambler is driven on Michelin studded tires.

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The seat height of the scrambler is 86 – 91 cm while the overall height of The BULLIT Hero Gulf Edition comes to 204 x 91.5 x 112 cm. The brakes are applied with a combined brake system with disc brakes at the front and rear.

Bullit Hero Gulf Edition 3

The weight of the machine is around 115 kg. In terms of color, the Gulf Edition is painted in light blue. Some new parts give the body a striking appearance.

Bullit Hero Gulf Edition 5

The Scrambler presented here goes back to the early 1960s in England, when young rockers started converting motorcycles into sports models and the special model of the legendary manufacturer is currently available in an edition of 150 copies.

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There is currently no exact price for the BULLIT Hero Gulf Edition. All that is known is that a free Gulf watch and 2 liters of Gulf Power Trac oil are included in the purchase.


Bullit Hero Gulf Edition

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