Walt Siegl PACT: Fully Embrace the Battery Pack as the Power Source

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Walt Siegl Motorcycles is known for its workings using Italian motorcycles, now the company starts to get on to the realm of the electric motor. This Walt Siegl electric motor is named PACT to increase the attractiveness of electric motors.


According to Walt Siegl, there are still a lot of people who are more interested in conventional motorcycles. Thus he created one with the persona of a normal-looking bike but still focusing on the electric feature by embracing the battery on the central part of the PACT.


This electric motor uses the heart of the Alta Redshift drivetrain which is capable of spitting nearly 50 hp power and 42 lb-ft of torque starting at a standstill.  Besides, this liquid-cooled engine can spin up to 14,000 rpm and is powered by a 5.8 kWh li-ion battery.

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Walt who collaborated with Mike Mayberry designed a new frame with street bike geometry. the PACT strolls the scarcely discernible difference of being something we desire to ride max throttle down a vacant city road and a bit of practical workmanship that should remain behind velvet ropes at the gallery.


This electric motor frame made of Chromoly iron pipes that is not only strong but not too heavy either. As for the bodywork, Walt and Mike Mayberry use under forged carbon fiber which is stronger than ordinary carbon fiber.

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The subframe of the Walt Siegl PACT is also made of carbon fiber while under the seat, there is a compartment to store the charger cable to make it looks neater. The business concerning the legs of the PACT is trusted to a custom swingarm and an upside-down Ohlins front fork. Last but not least, the wheels use rim with a sporty looking Firestone tire.

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“The key design decision that we made was to fully embrace the battery pack as the power source for the bike, instead of hiding it. We wanted to celebrate the essentials of the electric motorcycle.” – Walt Siegl

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Walt and Mike managed to make an electric motor with a super cool appearance. Walt portrays PACT as his individual venture, equipped towards his and Mike’s preferences. In any case, the company is planning to manufacture six additional bikes.



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