BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento ‘Nove Cento’: The Smart Motorcycles for the Future

Bmw Motorrad Concept 9cento 6

Emphasizing on keeping the concept in balance rather than having an illustrious concept, BMW Motorrad tries to achieve the perfect equilibrium of touring capacity and fun-to-ride bike in their latest concept.

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At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW Motorrad presents another astonishing concept. Named Concept 9cento ‘nove cento’, the concept cruiser introduces a savvy idea for what’s to come.


Designed to WOW

Bmw Motorrad Concept 9cento 6

The BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento highlights fundamental lively setup with loads of volume close to the front haggle short high back that guarantees the fun while riding it and still nimble.

Bmw Motorrad Concept 9cento 1

The three-dimensional displaying of the fuel tank region particularly makes its mark because of the paint complete with intelligent chrome impact. The drifting sideboard is painted in Pure Metal Silver.

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BMW additionally makes utilization of the lightweight CFRP which lessens the bicycle’s general weight as well as connections the three-dimensional outline of the front trim to the aluminum raise transporter.

Bmw Motorrad Concept 9cento 2

On all aluminum parts such as the central tank cover, the rear carrier, and the footrest holder, the milling is directed towards the front wheel. This finely grooved surface structure is only apparent on close inspection and has the effect of a topographical elevation relief.


Multi This and Multi That

Bmw Motorrad Concept 9cento 7

The twofold case not just offers storage room, it additionally expands the seating zone for the traveler. It is guided into the back transporter from above if required, and there is an effective electromagnet that appends the component safely to the lower area of the back bearer.

Bmw Motorrad Concept 9cento 4

The strength of the vertical twin BMW motor is that it produces very strong usable power and the 9cento production bike will actually get stretched to 900cc or simply gets a further power boost. No release detail is available in public domain, but if the Concept 9cento really did get the green light for production, it will be one of the bikes out there.

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