Energica Eva Ribelle: Sometimes you want aggressive with a little more of an urban vibe

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Since the first time it took the floor at the 2019 EICMA, Energica Eva Ribelle has attracted lots of attention. The naked bike is armed with a new power unit and powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery pack of 21.5 kWh.

The newly adopted unit will replace the existing 1.34 kWh capacity as Energica claims tat its naked bike will produce the strongest power in all-electric motor lines ever produced.


Energica Eva Ribelle operates on an oil-cooled permanent magnet AC electric motor, which works in conjunction with the world’s largest and most high-energy lithium polymer (Li-NMC) battery.

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The combination can produce power of 145 hp at 6,000 rpm and torque of 215 Nm. Unfortunately, the tops speed limit is electrically limited as it can only get as fast as 200 km/h.

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In terms of dimensions, the Energica Eva Ribelle has a 2,140 x 870 x 1,152 mm measurement. The wheelbase is 1,465 mm while the seat height is 790 mm.

The frame is made of steel with a tubular trellis model. According to the manufacturer, the material can acts similarly to a spring that can absorb and release energy when a collision occurs.

The wheels got aluminum rims with a size of 3.5 x 17 inches front and 5.5 x 17 inches rear. Wrapped with tires from Diabelli Rosario III type 120/70 (front) and 180/55 (rear).

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Energica’s power storage consists of dozens of sensors and electromechanical devices which are closed subsystems. All the systems are there to ensure maximum vehicle performance and rider safety in all road conditions.

The naked bike has also designed a cooling system thanks to specific ventilation paths that limit battery pressure. This system provides considerable benefits for vehicle performance and battery life.

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Energica Eva Ribelle is the first streetfighter that is 100 percent electrically powered. The naked bike is also the only electric bike with DC Fast Charge. It will only take an hour to fully charge the battery. And the fully charged Eva Ribelle can travel as far as 400 km.

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There are four riding modes on the Energica Eva Ribelle – Urban, Eco, Rain, Sport, and four regenerative maps: low, middle, high, off.

The cockpit is paired with a 4.3-inch TFT screen that already integrated with GPS, Bluetooth, and MyEnergica application connectivity. There display will feature information such as charging, riding modes, and connectivity.

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Energica embeds lots of premium components to the Eva Ribelle. The front suspension is coming from Marzocchi with a diameter of 43 mm with adjustable rebound features, compression damping, and preload.

The rear suspension packed a Bitubo monoshock with rebound and adjustable preload. Last but not least, the Brembo braking device turns on the front with 4 piston calipers and 2 piston rear calipers.

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The key behind the power of the Energica Eva Ribelle is located in the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU). While the control units on most motorbike work separately, the electric vehicle models from Italy are all controlled by the VCU, be it batteries, inverters, and chargers.

This sophisticated component also interacts with the ABS system, controlling regenerative engine braking. The system ensures the highest efficiency in energy use and battery functionality, while also providing exceptional power and experience.

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Following the concept of future motorcycles, Energica has equipped Eva Ribelle with Park Assistant. This feature is needed because the weight of this electric motorbike is clocked at 270 kg.

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Energica Eva Ribelle is marketed in two color options, Rosso Corsa and Stealth Gray. As for the price, the company is tagging its electric naked street bike at $ 26,168 (€ 23,000).

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