KYMCO RevoNEX: a high performance street bike that redefines the category

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The appearance of the Kymco RevoNEX is finally revealed at the 2019 EICMA Show. Previously, Kymco had teaser the market with the launch of a video teaser for the RevoNEX, but the form hasn’t been seen yet.

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Finally revealed, Kycmo RevoNEX turned out to be a naked sport motor with an electric engine. Kymco is a well-known Taiwanese brand that specialized as a scooter specialist in recent years.


But this time, the company has begun the first step to try to make electric motorsport. One glance, the design of RevoNEX is quite eye-catching. The overall look is like a naked bike that looks pretty dominating.

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What’s unusual about an electric vehicle (EV) from Kymco is that the company designed the RevoNEX like it has a gasoline engine, because this motorbike uses a 6-speed transmission including the manual “dumb” clutch.


Usually, an electric motor has only one transmission and it is to control acceleration. But Kymco does not want to submit to the norm and maintain a tradition of joy in riding motorsport, which is passing a gear.

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Kymco RevoNEX is also provided with riding mode so that it can adjust riding ability and road conditions. There are four modes to choose from, Poised is used in quiet operation on congested roads, Assertive for urban streets, Bold for more responsive performance, and Extreme for circuit use.

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RevoNEX uses Kymco Active Acoustic Motor (AAM) which emits the original sound of a motorbike by combining resonance sound and mechanical sound transmission so that it adds to the pleasure in riding.


Electric vehicles generally do not make roaring engine noise. For this reason, Kymco creates the feature so the rider knows the condition of the motorcycle. When the RPM goes up and down with each transmission gearshift, the rider will hear a surge of sound.

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As for its performance, Kymco RevoNEX can not be underestimated, the Taiwanese bikemaker claims RevoNEX can travel from 0-100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds. Even 0-205 km/hour can be reached in 11.8 seconds.

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Other features available on RevoNEX are just like a sportbike in general, a suspension that can be set, front upside down and rear monoshock. Then the double-disc brakes from Brembo in front, there are also ABS, traction control and quick shifters.

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As an electric motorbike, of course, all the lights on have embraced LEDs and projectors on the headlights. The instrument panel is using a full-color TFT screen and is expected to be connected with a smartphone.

There is some information that is still not disclosed by the company, such as the capability of the battery, the release timeline, and the projected marketed price.




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