OSET 12.5 ECO 24V Bike: The Best Motorcycle to Begin On

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Dirt bike might be a fairly expensive choice to be taken as a hobby five years ago, but now since the development of electrical machines with the battery capabilities which has improved considerably since the turn of the millennium making dirt bike innovation become more economical. OSET is one of many brands that enjoy the increase in public participation in this sport, and they mean business.

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Oset Bikes is one of the two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers from America. Now, this electric dirt bike manufacturer has headquarters in the UK that have been around since 2010. Oset released one of the latest series, Oset 12.5 Eco 24V.



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Oset 12.5 is a one of product from Oset Bikes. The new version of Oset 12.5 is environmentally friendly motors. It’s Oset 12.5 Eco 24V. This product has a very sturdy shape and is also easy to use by Bikers. This Eco series uses 1 set of components that lower price than the Racing version. And it has a new feature on this bike.



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The design of Eco 24V, there is no difference with the 12.5 Racing 24V Oset Bikes series. Both have a compact design. This latest series uses a drive system that is also used in the 12.5 Racing 24V series. The ECO 24v series uses electric power 600w and also 2 dial controllers that are placed on the frame. Just like the Racing 24V series.

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The differences between the Eco and Racing series are wheels & tires. The wheels in this Eco series use 12.5 “Alloy Rims. Forks, Shock and Handlebar are also different. For the brakes area in the Eco series, it uses V-brake in front while the rear brake uses a band.


Security Features

Oset 12 5 Eco 24v Bike 3

The Eco 24V series is not much different from the 24V Racing series. The on/of switches on the Handlebar can be operated very easily. Beside the switches, key security features are also quite supportive and very easily.

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This 24V Eco Series also has 2 Dial Systems. This feature makes it easy for bikers to adjust the speed and characteristics of the motorbike according to what biker want. This 2 Dial System feature can be used for low speed to maximum speed for experienced riders. So, are your ready to bike?

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